Matt Rogers is an independent creative director and designer with a focus on brand design, web design and Webflow websites.

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I work with

Small businesses

who want something unique but can't afford big agency fees

Medium/large businesses

who like my stuff and aren't afraid to be a little adventurous

Creative agencies

who like what I do or simply don't have resource in-house


who need to team up with a designer to deliver something exceptional

I specialise in
Matt Rogers
The golden rules of UI design
number 1
Place users in control of the interface
Good UIs instill a sense of control in their users. Keeping users in control makes them comfortable; they will learn quickly and gain a fast sense of mastery.
number 2
Create an easy-to-navigate interface
Good UI puts users in their comfort zone by providing some context of where they are, where they’ve been, and where they can go next:
Number 3
Reduce cognitive load
Cognitive load is the amount of mental processing power required to use a product. It’s better to avoid making users think/work too hard to use your product.

User Experience design

This is about building the foundations for a successful project. I can help you with:

  • Setting objectives
  • Scope writing
  • User journeys
  • Content hierarchy
  • Wireframing
  • User testing
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User Interface design

Using colour, media and interactions I'll convert your wireframes into beautiful user interfaces and working prototypes - making it easier for you to realise the finished  product.  

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A brief history of me
A brief history of me
A brief history of me
A brief history of me
A brief history of me
A brief history of me

Clutching my BA in Graphic Design, as if it was my golden ticket to a new life (kids you don't need a BA to "make it" in this industry - shhh don't tell the academics I said that). I left my home town Swindon for London.


I landed my first job, working for Redwood BBDO. We launched a fashion catalogue when everyone else was launching eCommerce websites. I learned my first tough lesson.


I contracted around London and Bristol for agencies; on brands like (attempt to impress with shameless name dropping) ASOS.com, Debenhams, Butlins, Alzheimer’s Society, British Horse Racing, and Which?.


Fascinated by some of the cool stuff on FWA I started to dabble in the digital world. A couple of years later I was designing and building for the web.


Entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Stadium Creative – a boutique agency in London that I co-ran. We created brand identities and websites for charity and retail sectors.


7 Years of metropolis madness left a yearning for a change in lifestyle, I moved back west to be closer to old friends, family, and fresh air.


I merged Stadium Creative with brand, design, and web agency Bravedog. As Creative Director I put my soul into inspiring teams to work collaboratively and achieve the exceptional.


In 2020 I co-founded fishingticket.com, an online booking system for fisheries. Half way through year 2 and we’ve won tech awards, attracted over 6000 registered accounts, hired our first employee and sold over 10,000 tickets.


Agencies and companies hire me from all over the UK. I work solo on interesting projects for start-ups. I work as a specialist within wider teams. I also pull together independent experts to collaborate on large-scale projects.

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